Become a brand ambassador

Each year, we recruit about ten influencers that we train and support free of charge.

Leaving you totally free on your choice of Instagram publications, our objective is to allow you to receive a monthly payment when you promote Snake Jewelry.

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How does it works?

Join the program

Join our team of ambassadors and have your profile displayed on our website in front of more than 15,000 people/month.

Share the brand

Promote Snake jewelry on social networks by offering -20% off with your personalized promo code.

Earn gifts and income

Earn commission on every sale made with your promo code and benefit from special discounts reserved for our muses.

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Earn up to £400/month

You can earn money easily. As we explained, all you have to do is share your link as much as possible, along with your personalized coupon code.

Help send a positive message of love and tenderness with Snake Jewelry and get a 20% commission on every product sold.

5 reasons to become our ambassador

• It is not unusual for us to send you a few items for free...

• Registration is very simple and our payment system is secure

• You bring value to your community by recommending reliable products

• You represent a fast-growing brand with a fantastic project

• You get a unique advantage with your personalised promo code



Everyone can become an ambassador! Whether you are one of our customers, an influencer, a blog owner or a website owner, you can join our ambassador community!

From your personal space, you can consult all the statistics concerning your sales. If an order is placed through your affiliate link, it will be recorded in this area.

1. There are many different methods, you are free to choose the ones you prefer.

2. You can promote on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat...

3. If you own a website, you can create a link to our site.

4. If you are a blogger, you can put a link anchor in an article with a similar theme to the note.

When you make a sale, we will also receive the notification and the exact amount to be sent to you.

We will then quickly make the payment via Paypal to your account.

Become an ambassador too !

Help send a positive message to your community and Earn Commission of 20% on every product sold with your personalised Promo Code.