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      Everything you need to know about snake eyes piercing

      The snake eyes piercing is not for the faint of heart. People who do these piercings must have a lot of guts since the list of potential consequences is vast.

      This is a part of the struggle for some folks. Knowing you're strong enough to take on the snake eyes piercing might make you feel powerful right away.

      When you decide to have a snake eyes piercing, this detailed guide will offer you a solid sense of what you're getting yourself into, as well as cautions about potential issues.

      What is the piercing meaning?

      Two locations towards the front of the tongue are pierced for a snake eyes piercing.

      The balls of the jewellery seem to be two snake eyes peeking out when a pierced individual opens their lips.

      It's a horizontally passing straight or curved barbell that connects the two sides of the tongue.

      What occurs when you have your ears pierced?

      Here's a rundown of things to expect when you step into a piercing parlor for a snake-eyes piercing:

      This is a piercing that requires extreme caution in order to prevent major problems. Your piercer will use a medical marker to mark both piercing places to ensure proper placement.

      Your tongue will be held in place with forceps so that it does not clog. The tongue will be pierced with a hollow needle.

      The jewelry will then be placed on your tongue, with the balls on both sides of the front and the bar buried within your tongue.

      Is a snake-eyes piercing painful?

      The prospect of a little bar and two holes in your tongue may be frightening, but this piercing isn't as painful as you may expect.

      A sharp bite to the tongue is common in many individuals, comparable to when we eat and bite ourselves.

      Because pain is a subjective experience, everyone experiences it differently. One individual may experience no discomfort at all, while another may be in excruciating agony for weeks.

      Try to relax as much as possible to reduce the amount of discomfort you experience.

      What is the price of a snake eye piercing?

      Because of the danger of problems, this piercing is not available at all piercing salons.
      You'll probably have to spend between 30 and 70 pounds once you locate a business that will do it. This includes the cost of the piercing as well as the jewelry.

      What should you do before having your snake eyes pierced?

      You should pick a piercer with whom you are comfortable and who practices proper cleanliness before getting your piercing.

      Inquire about the equipment they'll be employing and how they'll sterilize everything in their studio.

      Using a reputable piercer and asking questions are the greatest ways to protect yourself from any dangerous procedures. Find another piercer if you don't have a positive opinion of one.

      Before you decide to have a piercing, make sure you question the piercer about all of the potential hazards.

      You'll need to obtain follow-up items after you've learnt about the hazards and chosen to go through with them. This way, when your new piercing is finished, you'll be prepared to care for it.

      All you'll need is some sea salt. Make sure you don't use standard table salt since it won't work. Sea salt is great for speeding up the healing process of your piercing.

      Aftercare and cleaning instructions for pierced snake eyes

      You may start your aftercare phase after your piercer is completed.

      Cleaning a brand new piercing in a jiffy:

      While your piercer may give you specific instructions, these are the broad guidelines for keeping your piercing clean and clear of issues.

      • If you only follow one guideline, make it this one: never touch your piercing without first washing your hands.

      You must wash your hands even if you want to clean them. You risk spreading an illness if you don't. You might introduce germs and end up with an illness as a result.

      • Take salt water into your mouth and spit it out after you've finished your breakfast, lunch, and supper. Rinse it with this saltwater a few times.

      To prepare the salt water:

      1. Boil a cup of water and then add a quarter teaspoon of sea salt while it's still hot.
      2. Allow the water to cool to a temperature that is comfortable for your mouth.

      There are numerous ready-to-use options available at a reasonable price if you don't want to design your own solution.

      When it comes to mending, there are a few things to avoid that might make your life extremely difficult.

      • Make sure you don't use mouthwash since it will irritate your mouth.
      • Brushing your teeth may and should be continued as normal. If your typical toothpaste is a highly minty composition, you may want to skip it for a few weeks. If you use a child's toothpaste, you'll experience less pain.
      • For the same reason, stay away from hot meals.
      • Finally, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, since these might stifle your recovery.

      When the snake eyes piercing heals, how long does it take?

      It will take one to two months for your tongue to fully recover. You may have a lot of edema during this period, particularly in the beginning. Additionally, some blood might be expected initially.

      You may have some discomfort throughout the first month, but this should subside within the first week or two.

      Piercing infection

      The possibility of infection in your new piercing is always a concern. It's much worse if you have an infection in your mouth. It makes eating difficult and might be frightening.

      Furthermore, tongue infections are more hazardous than other types of diseases. When an infection is on the tongue, it is more prone to spread.
      It's crucial to keep in mind that it's curable. Don't worry.

      Here are a few of the things you could encounter:

      Piercing swelling

      For the first week or two, it's typical for your tongue to seem excessively thick. You've just caused enough harm to your tongue for it to swell.

      Swelling, on the other hand, might lead to infection. Take note of this and keep an eye on the swelling. The swelling should start to subside within the first several days after piercing the snake-eyes.

      If it seems to be growing worse at this stage, you should seek medical help.

      Piercing pain

      As you can expect, you'll be able to feel it for the weeks following. Remember that pain does not always indicate an injured tongue; it might also indicate an infected tongue.

      If you're in more agony than you can bear, it's time to see a doctor.
      If the discomfort is growing worse and it's been more than a week, you might consider an infection.

      Piercing redness

      The presence of redness may indicate the onset of an infection. If you observe red lines on your skin, you have an infection.

      If you see anything like this, contact a doctor right once. This might mean that the infection has gone beyond the tongue and is becoming hazardous, if not fatal if you do not seek treatment.

      If you already have a fever, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you are unable to schedule an appointment, visit a walk-in clinic.

      To combat an illness that is spreading, you must act swiftly. Even a day's worth of waiting might be devastating.

      Piercing tongue discoloration

      While a red tongue is concerning, any other color on your tongue should be taken seriously. It might be dangerous if your tongue is green, purple, yellow, or even black.

      At this stage, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.
      If your tongue is stained, you'll leave your doctor's office with medicines to treat the infection you're likely to have.

      If it doesn't seem to be working after a few days, you should contact your doctor and express your concerns. He or she may want you to return to ensure that the therapy is working and that no further antibiotics are required.

      The dangers of piercing Snake-Eyes

      There are a number of drawbacks to this piercing that may cause a person to reconsider. The following are some of the most prevalent complications:

      • Teeth that have been injured by jewelry striking them; gum erosion.
      • The piercing has the potential to migrate, leaving a nasty scar on the tongue.
      • There's even a chance that you'll acquire a speech impairment.

      The jewelry to use for piercing the snake's eyes

      A 14 gauge bar is required. This increases your chances of preventing illness.
      In these piercings, you may only wear tiny jewellery.

      If you want to take things a step further, check out our snake bite piercing selection.

      To conclude

      The snake-eyes piercing is one of the most frightening piercings, but if you like the way it looks, you'll probably want to take all the risks and do it anyhow.

      You don't want all of your choices to be dictated by fear since life is brief and you never know what will happen. Don't let anybody persuade you out of getting the piercing.

      You are the only one who really understands yourself. You know how far you're willing to go and what you're capable of. Now you may go out and flaunt your new appearance.

      And if you are still interested in this style, we invite you to discover our snake tongue piercing collection where you can find many unique models!