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      Guide to chain links for bracelets and necklaces in gold or silver

      While faced with all of the many types of chain links available for bracelets, necklaces, and anklets, it's natural to get confused when searching for purchase on the internet.

      To make it easier for you to navigate, we've put up this guide that lists all of the mesh models available for bracelets, chains, and necklaces. The mesh might be circular or oval, the links soldered or welded together, and the chains can be solid or made up of little rings.

      English knitwear

      The English knit, which is used in knitting, is directly influenced by this jewelry stitch. It's made up of a series of interconnected tiny rings. It's a sturdily constructed chain that's tough to distort. The mesh size is typically 1 to 2 mm in diameter, and the chain thickness is determined by the number of links utilized.

      Forçat stitch

      The forçat knit is a classic influenced by prisoner chains, with links that might be circular or square in shape.

      Navy stitch

      This style of mesh is inspired by the design of ship anchor chains, as the name indicates. It might be flattened or spherical.

      Jaseron Chain

      The meshes in this chain alternate between round and smaller oval meshes. In general, oval meshes are bigger than round meshes.

      Venetian Mesh

      For fine chains, Venetian mesh is often utilized. It's made up of smaller cubic meshes that are interlaced with bigger ones. They come in the shape of long, straight chains. Venetian chains, such as the ones seen above, may have a diameter of up to 0.5 mm when fashioned of gold.

      Snake chain

      Snake chain looks a lot like a snake's rings, which explains its name. A snake chain may be flat or circular in shape.

      Palm Chain

      A palm chain is created by braiding many gold or silver wires in a three-dimensional pattern. Because it takes a lot of metal to manufacture this sort of gold chain, it's rather pricey. Each link travels through the second to last link during production, giving it its unique design.

      Horse chain

      The links of horse link chains are basic, elongated, and flattened. They feature a figaro chain-like pattern.

      Coffee Bean Chain

      A coffee bean chain is represented by each connection. In general, these meshes are fairly big. As a result, they are hollow from a particular size forward, in order to lighten the gem as well as the budget. This is true for gold as well as silver.

      Figaro mesh

      With an alternation of three little meshes between each big mesh, the figaro mesh is extremely similar to the horse mesh.

      Twisted Chain

      A flat or circular twisted chain link is possible. The stitches are created differently in this example. The flat chain is formed by interconnecting extremely thin metal strips, but the round chain is made by interlocking rings at an angle that gives the chain the impression of rotation. Rope mesh refers to twisted mesh that is circular.

      Mirror mesh

      Also known as flat mesh. Mirror mesh necklaces are broad, flat chains with extremely fine, polished links that give the silver or gold in the jewelry a mirror-like look.

      Bean Mesh

      Rope links provide a 3D effect similar to twisted link chains, however, they are not created the same way. The little rings that make up the chain may be seen in this photo.

      Rope Mesh

      The term comes from the form of the links. When fashioned of gold, it is a pretty thick flat chain that is quite weighty and hence costly.

      Curbed Chain

      Curb chain is made up of single, slightly flattened rings. This sort of mesh enables the production of rather big gold chains at an acceptable weight and cost. This is why it's such a popular model.

      Polish knit

      The result of wrapping a wire around an axis is Polish knit. This wire is orientated to the right, then to the left, resulting in the regular alternation shown in the image below. Polish mesh chains are relatively thick and consequently hefty due to this wrapping around an axis. As a result, if they are fashioned of gold, they will be rather costly.

      Rice Grain Mesh

      An invisible pin connects little gold granules together. There are several versions of this mesh, with the size of the grains and the number of grains in each row varied.

      Royal Mesh or Byzantine Mesh

      Peruvian mesh is another name for it. Two overlapping rings make up this style of chain. The finished pattern's intricacy contrasts with the simplicity of the rings utilized to create it.

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