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      239 products

      Do you want to buy a new piece of jewelry for yourself? Come check out our silver jewelry selection. This malleable alloy is especially popular among jewelers, who may use it to express their creativity in stunning creations.

      Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and silver bracelets are just a few of the silver jewelry options available at Snake Jewelry.

      Engagement rings and silver wedding bands are also available. Our inventions adapt to many styles, whether with or without stone, white, pink, yellow, bicolor, multicolored, or even black, so you may pick the one that best complements your own panoply.


      Silver is considered solid in England and is hence recognized as a precious metal if it contains at least 80% pure silver.

      Sterling silver in England might be 800 silver, 925 silver (also known as sterling silver), or 950 silver. Because silver is a "soft" metal, it must be alloyed with "hard" metal in order to be used.

      The most prevalent alloy used by jewelers is copper. It is utilized because it helps the gem to maintain its form while also increasing its resilience and firmness. But also to make it more malleable.

      How do you tell whether a piece of silver jewelry is genuine? The amount of silver used will be shown by the hallmark on the gem.

      SILVER 800

      In England, a piece of work must be graded at least 800 silver to be considered silver. It is made up of 80 percent pure silver and 20% copper.

      When the weight of the jewelry exceeds 30 grams, it must have the Minerve 2nd title, which is surrounded by a frame and the number 2. The English government has attached this mark.

      SILVER 925

      The silver 1st title has 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent copper as a minimum. In English, it's known as silver 925 or Sterling Silver 925.

      When the jewelry weighs more over 30 g, it must have the Minerve 1st title, which is surrounded by an octagonal frame and the number 1. The English government has attached this mark.

      SILVER 950

      The 950 silver is made up of 95 percent pure silver and 5% copper. 950 silver jewelry, despite its greater silver content, oxidizes and darkens significantly quicker than 925 silver jewelry.

      For 950 silver, there is no special hallmark. When the weight is larger than 30 g, the English state will add the Minerve 1st title.


      Some jewelers use Rhodium to prevent silver from oxidation. Rhodium-plated silver is made by electroplating a 925 silver gem with a thin coating of rhodium.

      The diamond shines brighter and brighter with time. Rhodium is a highly rare precious metal, hence silver jewelry with rhodium plating is more costly.


      There are many types of silver jewelry, including 400, 600, plated, and German silver, that may create optical illusions:

      SILVER 400 AND 600

      In England, silver 400 or 600 jewelry is not considered solid silver. Furthermore, there is no marking on these stones.


      Plated silver jewelry is formed of a poor metal (alpaca, bronze, or iron) that has a thin coating of pure silver electrolyzed onto it.

      When you weigh them, you'll see right away that they're not as heavy as a solid silver diamond.

      Furthermore, the surface covering of silver will nearly vanish with time, revealing the actual nature of the diamond.


      German silver, sometimes known as Alpaca, is a colorless alloy that gives the appearance of being silver. There is no silver in this alloy; it solely comprises zinc, nickel, and copper.

      Because nickel is an allergy, it is no longer sold in jewelry in England. Unlike pure silver, this alloy is lightweight and oxidizes faster.


      However, who said silver jewelry had to be pricey?

      Nobody, it's only a representation, a mental image of the proper price for a diamond that we have.

      The term silver may be found in a silver ring, a silver bracelet, silver earrings, silver pendants, and silver chains. And who says silver is a bad thing...

      Silver jewelry, on the other hand, may be inexpensive.


      Although it may seem self-evident, an online jewelry shop is a "dematerialized" business. There are no barriers, rent, or land investments since these costs do not exist.

      And they shouldn't be reflected in jewellery prices. England is in the same boat. If a physical shop is required, one does not exist here.

      As a result, there is no rent, no workers in the business, and therefore no pay to increase.

      As a result, the price of jewelry at an online jewelry shop should be less than the price of jewellery in a store.


      Let's return to the notion of the appropriate price for a silver diamond. Alternatively, a gem containing a semi-precious or precious stone.

      It is commonly known in the trade that the buyer's semi-conscious motives are appealed to. This aids him in making decisions based on "springs" that we can categorize. Let's have a look at how to define them:

      • The "Security" jewel: it's a purchase of a secure jewel, it's solid silver, it's a design I already own, I know exactly what I'm getting, and I can't go wrong, for example, a pair of solid silver creoles in a classic design.
      • If I choose a "Pride" gem, it is a demonstrative jewel, such as a large silver jewel with or without a stone, purchased to exhibit or express, such as a large solid silver ring set with a turquoise.
      • The "Novelty" gem, on the other hand, is the acquisition of an original jewel, a contemporary design, or a new ethnic design, such as a solid silver bracelet with a modern bohemian influence.
      • With the "Comfort" jewel, you are purchasing a secure jewel (similar to the "security" jewel), but this one has already been approved by the receiver, such as the lovely smooth silver ring that Mrs. often mentions.
      • The "Silver" jewel is the acquisition of a low-cost solid-silver jewel at a low price or at a price that corresponds to the budget set aside for this purchase.
      • The "Sympathy" diamond is one that you buy based on what it reminds you of travel, adventure, remembrance, sensuality, love, and so on.


      However, regardless of our perceptions of a jewel's price, it is clear that the price plays a role in our choice to purchase.

      Why? Because jewelry is something to give or wear: rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, chains, solid silver, whether fancy, trendy, classic, casual, vintage, bohemian, ethnic, or original creations, jewellery purchases are and will continue to be "coup de coeur" purchases on which we do not want to be wrong.

      This is how I approach my work, and all of the silver jewellery offered by Snake Jewelry is genuine solid silver jewelry, designed and made in English workshops, as well as obsidian, turquoise, tourmaline, and mother of pearl set in solid silver bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants.


      The cost is crucial. However, quality is equally crucial, which is why I aim to provide you the greatest pricing while maintaining high standards for the jewelry.

      Only 925 sterling silver is used in the production of solid silver (except some pieces in 950). In addition, all of our gems include a punch that attests to the purity of the silver used, as required by law.

      We also only deal with workshops that have been acknowledged by their English peers as being of high quality.

      Another criteria for selecting high-quality silver jewelry is to choose pieces that are restricted in manufacturing. The jewellery is manufactured with the least degree of automation feasible and benefits from the artisan jeweler's entire attention.


      This is a question that ought to be answered on a sterling silver jewelry website. Is costume jewelry worth its weight in gold?

      As someone who specializes in English sterling silver jewellery, whether rings, earrings, chains, pendants, or bracelets with or without sterling silver stones, my response is unequivocal: sterling silver jewelry has a superior quality-price ratio than costume jewellery.

      In fact, I would argue that silver jewelry is less costly than costume jewellery when made according to the laws of art.


      The stones are put in the silver rings with Obsidian or Turquoise (I'm talking about solid silver). That is, the artisan shapes the metal to contain the stone and prevent it from migrating through his work. T

      The same goes for Mother of Pearl, Tourmaline, Cat's Eye, and other gemstones...

      Fancy rings, on the other hand, are made of a hard metal (typically iron or steel) that only forms or deforms when heated and hence cannot be used to surround a stone.

      This is why they are often bonded together. And who says cemented means you can't unglue it?

      Bracelets, earrings, and pendants all have the same issue.


      Another benefit of silver for jewelry made of solid silver 925 (silver 925 refers to a substance that is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metal, often copper).

      In England, it is the first silver title. It has an aesthetic that is unrivaled. Indeed, 925 sterling silver has a patina that gives it a more genuine and natural appearance than costume jewelry. Even the rhodium-plated silver jewellery (yet more expensive).

      You should also be aware that nickel (found in certain costume jewelry) might induce allergic reactions. Earrings, in particular, but not only.

      One of the key qualities of solid silver, both in terms of aesthetics and quality, is that it is solid. It will not come off even if you massage it.

      Silver develops a patina and depth with time, unlike plated jewellery, which, if I may say so, is plated by the plating. Furthermore, silver is non-corrosive and does not rust.


      Another thing noted in the introduction is that silver jewelry is less expensive than costume jewelry.

      The contrast is simple: silver rings, bracelets, bangles, and earrings now have comparable costs when compared to costume jewellery; nevertheless, steel jewelry's dominance in fashion has had an impact on the value assigned to it, and silver jewelry is becoming less costly than steel jewellery.

      This may seem to be a contradiction, but it is only the product of smart marketing efforts.

      To compare, go to websites specialized to silver jewelry, such as Snake Jewelry, and websites that offer steel jewellery. The end outcome is instructive.

      To sum up our thoughts on the matter, jewellery has the worth that individuals who offer or wear it place on it, although silver jewelry has a greater objective value than costume jewelry.


      Wearing jewelry is a human custom that dates back to the dawn of time. Going back in time, we can see that the most ancient peoples were preoccupied with wearing jewellery made of valuable metals such as silver or gold.

      As a result of this natural urge to draw attention to one's person, to value and beautify one's person, we like gems.

      However, admiring them and understanding how to wear them are two completely different things, and selecting jewelry is not as simple as it may seem.


      Silver jewelry, whether subtle or extravagant, communicates our preferences and feelings about femininity. It represents what we choose to display about ourselves, whether it's our level of liberation or just our current attitude.

      It is because solid silver has the unique property of being white that we have chosen to discuss silver jewellery. It is colorless, like a blank canvas given to the wearer's imagination and wish.

      All stones (Turquoise, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Onyx, etc.) and skin tones complement it.
      It's a metal with which you can't go wrong in terms of flavor!


      However, it is clear that avoiding making errors in terms of taste is insufficient. Silver jewelry, on the other hand, is designed to emphasize our femininity, the body, sublimate the skin, and draw light and attention to us.

      A silver earring will brighten your face, a silver brooch or necklace will accentuate your neckline, and a silver bracelet or ring will elicit a passionate gesture.


      The significance of morphology cannot be overstated. Silver jewelry, whether "fancy" or "traditional," must be selected according to its silhouette. Long necklaces are easier to put on tall ladies; for smaller women, we recommend more delicate forms since heavy jewellery tends to distort their silhouette.

      If you're short, choose gems that aren't dangling to prevent emphasizing your little stature. Curvier ladies, on the other hand, should wear imposing jewelry and avoid rounder forms.


      Silver jewellery, like fashion, follows a seasonal pattern. This is understandable since they are the finishing touches to your ensembles.

      In addition, we do not wear the same accessories in the summer and the winter. Whether you're dressed casually or formally. Summer is the ideal time to experiment with bold and dramatic colors.

      Why not combine silver with colourful stones such as turquoise or tourmaline? During the winter months, silver jewelry with warm stones is a good choice.

      Choose black, such as Onyx, or orange or brown if you want to bring some color to the dismal weather.


      To make a difference, it's not a good idea to rely on the acquisition of silver jewellery! Even if it is able to gratify. Frequently, it is the attention to detail that distinguishes an outfit.

      A stylish bracelet, a set of earrings, or an ethnic ring may easily liven up a drab outfit. Moderation is often seen to be a trait of elegance. Nothing, however, stops you from associating shapes or materials, as long as you do so sparingly.

      It is self-evident that you will not wear your whole jewelry collection to work. An evening with friends or a cocktail party, on the other hand, may be great condition.

      This is your chance to dress up in a more ornate gown that reveals the person you wish to be. There is just one rule: no dissonance.

      The person who wears the silver diamond must completely adopt his or her role. It is crucial to take risks and, more importantly, to avoid regret! Be consistent not just with what you wish to say, but also with the location and time.