What are The Meanings of Snake Tattoos?

snake tattoo meaning

A tattoo is a skin design that is symbolic, decorative, and significant. Getting a tattoo is a way of expressing specific qualities of oneself through a drawing. It's as if the person getting a tattoo wants to reveal a facet of his personality, a reflection of how he feels on the inside.

Each tattoo, on the other hand, has its own unique meaning. The most prevalent type of tattoo is one that features a specific animal, such as a lion, eagle, or snake.

This page focuses on snake tattoos, an animal that has served as a symbol for humans since the dawn of time and throughout history in various cultures. Each snake has a distinct meaning, and each tattoo depicts a distinct sign.

The combination of the snake and the tattoo is thus quite significant ; having a snake tattooed on one's body represents a highly specific symbolism, and the variation of this symbolism according to the uniqueness of the snake tattoo will be discussed in this article.

1. Snake Tattoos and Their Meanings

A snake tattoo is frequently paired with another design, such as a rose, a dagger, or a skull. As a result, its meaning is determined not by the reptile alone, but by its combination with these other aspects ; yet, it can also signify a variety of meanings other than those mentioned above.

A. Royal Cobra Tattoo Meanings

The cobra is a snake that can be found in a variety of places, from Egypt to India. It is revered as a sacred symbol of divinity in various countries. Snake charmers in India utilize the king cobra to perform stunts in the streets and impress passers-by.

snake tattoo cobra royal

These charmers are reported to be tattooed with inks containing venom from this reptile, and the king cobra tattoos are said to protect the charmers from the snakes they charm.

As a result, these royal cobra tattoos serve as a form of protection and healing, as they shield the people who have them from royal cobra attacks. Furthermore, these tattoos reflect symbols of riches, aristocracy, and social rank, as well as their relationship with the divine.

B. Snake and Eagle Tattoo Meanings

The eagle is a noble bird that only belongs to those who have flawless morals. The snake is a symbol of both sexual desire and seduction.

snake tattoo eagle

The battle between a person's honorable aspirations and their spiteful and vicious nature is symbolized by the eagle and the serpent. They conjure up images of a battle, a conflict that a person perceives as a battle between the Devil and God. This war is symbolized by the bird tattooed with a serpent. And because God always prevails, the eagle is more prominent in some tattoo versions as the conqueror over the snake.

An eagle is, indeed, a symbol of victory. The eagle and snake tattoo represents a battle between good and evil, a confrontation between God and the Devil, and a conflict between sexual passion and temptation versus nobility and honour in this context.

C. Snake and Rose Tattoo Meanings

Many individuals love a snake tattoo that includes a flower, particularly the rose. Snakes with a rose around their necks are the ultimate sign of temptation, but they also symbolizes the loss of beauty and purity.

snake tattoo rose

A rose is commonly associated with love and tenderness, but its link with a snake has many different meanings. One of the most popular and well-liked combinations is a black snake and a crimson rose.

There is a level of realism in the story. The darker snake and rose tattoos are popular among women. As a result, the tattoo represents a woman's allure, love, and sensitivity.

These tattoos are the most popular because the ideas they convey are powerful and meaningful. Getting a rose tattoo with a snake wrapped around it is a nice way to signify affection, love, and to show people how you're feeling at the time.

D. Snake and Skull Tattoo Meanings

Death and decay are represented by the snake and skull tattoo design. Having this sign tattooed on one's body denotes that the person is not afraid of death or dying. In other words, people who tattoo a snake and a skull together tend to have a lot of fun with their lives since they don't have to worry about the consequences.

snake tattoo skull

Snakes, being a powerful natural force, represent man's primordial inclinations and wants, as well as an impediment to spirituality. Tattoos with skulls and snakes are particularly common in tattoo art. They serve as a stark reminder of man's frailty.

This type of tattoo symbolizes the fact that man is mortal, and that his life may come to an end at any time. Humans must face death ; immortality is not a factor in human life.

The snake is a symbol of rebirth and healing in several cultures. The skull and the snake, when combined in a tattoo, signify the life and death cycle.

E. Snake and Moon Tattoo Meanings

In the gothic counterculture, a tattoo combining the moon and a snake is particularly popular. It symbolizes a link between the reptile and the darkness.

snake tattoo moon

The majority of snakes are either nocturnal or diurnal creatures. Some snakes are nocturnal, meaning they only come out at night and hide during the day. These nocturnal animals are exclusively active at night. These species are diurnal animals, meaning they are active both during the day and at night.

Hunting doesn't cease when digestion isn't active ; in other words, these diurnal reptiles don't stop hunting unless they're digesting something.

This tattoo style reflects the personality of someone who goes against the grain and does not feel at ease in their daily lives. These individuals seek to communicate the difference in life, a contradiction with reality, through this tattoo.

Indeed, they prefer to live at night, in order to distinguish themselves from the ordinary person who lives a life that makes them uncomfortable. In this context, the snake tattoo with the moon represents distinctiveness, a desire to stand out from the crowd, and a contradiction with normality.

F. A woman with a tattoo of a snake

The snake has always been associated with women; it was the snake who enticed Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. As a result, Eve and Adam fell into sin, and it was the snake's enticement that marked the beginning of humanity's descendants.

According to this myth, a snake tattoo on a woman's skin is a symbol of fertility because the first woman would not have had children if the snake had not seduced her.

snake tattoo on woman

The snake is frequently combined with a rose for a very feminine tattoo. On a woman, these tattoos are usually smaller. A snake tattoo on a lady generally denotes an optimistic outlook.

For a lady, the snake is a source of good vibrations. It frequently relates to life, love, fertility, and childbirth.

G. A man with a tattoo of a snake

Unlike the good implications of a snake tattoo on a woman's body, the negative connotations of a snake tattoo on a man's body.

The man is attempting to demonstrate power, combat, and an assurance in his capacity to protect his loved ones from any potential enemy by getting a snake tattoo.


The snake is considered a defender of the underworld by Greco-Roman philosophies, as well as a protector of many secrets that man strives to comprehend. These two perspectives explain why guys choose to get a snake tattoo.

Snakes are unexpected animals that are said to have magical and decorative personalities. A snake tattoo represents some incredible virtues. It promotes personal renewal, healing, and purification.

The snake is a sign of health in many civilizations and tribes, hence its tattoo also represents healing. The snake also represents changes, transitions, and even personal renewal, such as a shift in personality or a transition to a completely new person.

Most men and women enjoy getting tattoos on various regions of their bodies, including the shoulder blade, left arm, ankle, thigh, chest, and the nape of the neck, which is uncommon due to its sensitivity.

H. Tribal Snake Tattoos' Importance

Tribes are indigenous societies that have maintained their traditions while remaining isolated from the rest of the world. Indigenous peoples use designs that are unique to each tribe to express their history and culture.

These one-of-a-kind designs have very specific meanings, and they are frequently associated with natural elements and the spiritual realm. Snakes are one of these motifs, and they are one of the oldest religious emblems in human history.

snake tattoo tribal

Snakes are associated with folklore deity figures in some cultures. The tattooing of these snake images, also known as tribal tattooing, signifies a profound connection with the society's indigenous past, the tattooed person's spirituality, and natural phenomena.

They enable people to communicate their views to the rest of the world. These tattoos demonstrate the value of his or her tribe's traditions to the person who wears them.

I. Japanese Snake Tattoo Meanings

In traditional Japanese culture, the snake has various connotations. It also serves significant purposes. This animal is associated with illness, misfortune, and tragedy.

The tattoos linked with this animal have the same meanings, protecting their owners from the snake's negative connotations. The Japanese snake tattoo is a protective emblem against ill luck and disease.

snake tattoo japanese

This Japanese style is sometimes regarded as a symbol of knowledge, good fortune, change, and strength. Snake tattoos, on the other hand, have different implications in Japanese culture, such as protection from negative results and unwise actions.

In this context, the animal is viewed as a totem that protects the tattooed person from evil that tries to take over his or her life. The tattoo can also be viewed as a symbol of good luck and health.

In Japanese culture, snake tattoos have good connotations that revolve around achievement, health, behavior, change, knowledge, and strength.

J. Snake Tattoo Meanings Surrounding a Dagger

The snake wrapped around a knife represents Asclepius, the Greek deity of healing and medicine. The Caduceus is its name. In pagan symbology, the snake is associated with fertility and rebirth.

Snake tattoos encircling a knife do really represent metamorphosis and rejuvenation through struggle. To put it another way, the individual who gets this tattoo goes through a transition and a renewal in their life as a result of a battle they have waged. This renewal is frequently positive, such as a new innovative personality or a new perspective on the world.


Furthermore, both snakes and daggers are deadly, meaning they may kill. Snake tattoos with daggers provide a symbolism of metamorphosis and renewal because they are commonly recognized to be the sign of paganism, rebirth, and fertility. The snake is a sign of healing, as we saw in the opening section, and it is especially so in many places of the world.

This is symbolized by a snake with a knife, dagger, or sword, which is a worldwide symbol of healing and medicine. As a result, it can be determined that a snake tattooed with a knife, dagger, sword, or dagger represents healing.

K. The Importance of Snake Tattoos in Relation to a Lion

On the one hand, lions, like dragons, are masculine icons of power and primeval force. The lion's roar, as the ruler of the jungle, is powerful and terrifying to those who hear it.


The snake, on the other hand, is known as nature's thinker. While other creatures are still learning how to play chess mentally, this reptile has already mastered the game. As a result, the lion tattoo is a personification of the rational and animal sides of a person.

In other words, the tattoo depicts both the lion's strength and power, as well as the snake's wisdom. The animal side of the character personification is occupied by the lion, while the rational side is occupied by the snake.

As a masculine, having a well-defined character requires a combination of strength, power, and understanding. To be able to conduct his life, he needs strength and power, but he also needs knowledge to achieve.

The individual who gets this tattoo wants to express his strength, power, and knowledge through this intellectual and animal character.

L. The Meaning of the Coiled Snake Tattoo as an Infinity Sign

A snake, which is associated with the infinity symbol, is dangerous and ready to strike. In this case, it demonstrates how external appearances can be deceitful. From the outside, things don't always look to be what they wish to be. The snake, despite its peaceful and harmless aspect, is capable of surprising and attacking in a short period of time.

snake tattoo ouroboros

The snake, in particular, is a master of the element of surprise. As a result, the infinite tattoo indicates that the tattooed person has a lethal nature hidden beneath a serene and tranquil exterior. The Ouroboros, a snake that bites its own tail, is a symbol of immortality and the life-death cycle.

Its round shape demonstrates that nothing ever comes to an end and that existence in the Universe is a vicious circle of life followed by death, death followed by life, and so on. This reveals that there is an eternal aspect to the Universe. As a result, this symbol is a lovely tattoo with a profound meaning.

M. Snake Wrap Tattoos on the Wrist or Arm Meanings

A slender snake tattoo wrapped around the wrist or bicep is very popular. As a result, the tattoo resembles a bracelet or armband.

snake tattoo arm wrist

This tattoo is considered one of the most elaborate snake tattoo designs, and the majority of people who receive it are women. It wraps around the arm, forearm, or wrist and is usually relatively little.

The snake in the tattoo can be seen biting its own tail if it wraps around only once, and this sign is known as the Ouroboros, or snake that bites its own tail. As a result, the tattoo reflects the snake tattoo symbol, which is linked to the infinity symbol, as shown above.

As a result, it represents a mortal personality hidden beneath a serene and tranquil exterior.

N. Snake Tattoos on the Hand and Their Meanings

The depiction of the relationship between a hand and a snake was particularly popular in the 1800s. This symbol denotes friendship, loyalty, and inner tranquility. These three characters were and continue to be highly regarded at the time.

A snake's interaction with a hand is a symbol of friendship. As a result, the snake tattoo on the hand denotes friendship, inner serenity, and loyalty, or, in other words, solidarity.

snake tattoo hand

The snake handshake tattoo is one of the many variations of this snake tattoo with a hand. This ironic pattern represents the polar opposite of what was just said. It demonstrates how difficult it is to grant faith, implying that no one can be trusted and that anyone can turn out to be a traitor. The tattoo evokes suspicion and the fear of betrayal.

2. The Importance of a Snake

The snake is a bipolar animal, which means it can represent both good and evil symbols. However, the focus here is not on comparing the snake's meanings as a sign of good or evil, but rather on all of the meanings of a snake.

snake jewelry ring

A. The Snake is a totem animal for many people

The snake is a totem animal with a deep connection to primal energy and the life force. It is regarded as a strong totem in various cultures because it signifies the source of life.

When the snake totem appears in one's life, it indicates that prospects for transformation are present, and that one should expect an increase in energy level as well as a major transition. When a snake is chosen as a totem animal, it usually means:

  • Changes in life, transformation
  • A chance to get better
  • Paying attention to a spirit guide
  • Snake spirit is associated with primal energy and life power.

A spiritual guide in the form of a snake

The snake can be interpreted as a symbol of spiritual direction. When this totem appears in your life, it indicates that you have opportunities for personal growth and that you are in a period of transition.

A healing sign

The snake frequently represents the earth's vitality, or more properly, the life force. It is an animal with many primitive tendencies, and despite the evolution of species, many of which have legs, it has remained in its primal form, allowing it to survive for millennia and giving rise to a diverse range of snake species.

We recognize that this animal represents healing because of its life power.

If a snake is a person's totem animal, he is sensitive to his healing skills, whether they are directed at himself or others. They must investigate their sources of strength and energy, particularly those of the soil and environment.

Snakes also represent the power of healing in ancient traditions that are still practiced today.

Although certain snakes are venomous, and their venom can be fatal, the majority of snakes that attack by biting are poisonous. However, because some of these reptiles' venom is utilized to manufacture medications, this trait will indicate that the snake is both a healer and a murderer.

B. From a biblical standpoint

The snake is the most cunning creature God has ever created. It tricked Eve, God's first female creation, into eating the forbidden fruit. The animal represents Temptation in this context.

The children of Israel complained to God and Moses about the journey Moses led them on in the desert and the food in the Old Testament's book "Numbers 21." God dispatched fiery serpents as a response of these complaints, killing many people and terrorizing everyone.

As a result, the serpent has become a symbol of horror. The people pleaded with Moses to implore God to forgive them and send the snakes away. God told him to carve a copper serpent and hang it from a tree.

Those who were bitten by the fiery serpents and gazed at the copper snake were instantly healed. The serpent can also be interpreted as a God-given emblem of healing.

The serpent is also a symbol of deception. The liars were referred to by God as offspring of the serpent who deceived Eve.

The snake is also a symbol for Satan, who is the leader of all demons and hence represents evil.

C. Snake: Dangerous symbolism

Snakes are unquestionably hazardous animals and unpredictable reptiles. There are numerous snake species that bite and inject venom. If bitten by a poisonous snake such as a rattlesnake, viper, mamba, brown snake, cobra, or snake, the victim may die if no anti-venom serum is delivered. Because their venom is caustic and poisonous to humans, these snakes are a symbol of danger.

There are, however, those who pose a significant threat because to their magnitude, both in terms of length and bulk. The mere sight of them might make us shiver.

The boa constrictor, python, and anaconda are only a few of them. Although these species are not poisonous, they kill by smothering their prey by wrapping it up in their body.

D. The Creator God

This animal appears in mythology in several nations, such as among the Dogons of Mali and the Australian aborigines, where it defended fire from the rain goddess's floods. A deity is represented by the snake. This is unquestionably accurate information, not a legend.

E. Knowledge Symbol

The snake is a messenger of the Earth who provides information to man, the key to nature's mysteries, and wisdom as a sign of science.

F. The Evil Symbol

As we've seen, the serpent is regarded as the Symbol of Knowledge, and as a result of this symbolism, it has become the Tempter of those in pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, and who are moving closer and closer to science.

It is stated that Satan was changed into a snake and was responsible for Eve's transgression by persuading her to eat the fruit of the tree of life, resulting in man's fall.

G. The earth's symbol

The snake is considered a symbol of Mother Earth since its body is glued to the ground when moving, it lacks legs, and it lives underground.

H. The water symbol

Because there are snakes that dwell in the water and are aquatic species, they are sometimes thought to represent the spirit of Water. The vouivre is a watery snake-woman in Celtic mythology.

I. Immortality and rebirth symbol

This reptile goes in and out of its habitat because it spends most of its time underground. The snake is a sign of rebirth because it sinks into the earth like the dead and then emerges from it.

Indeed, rebirth is the resurrection of the dead ; they live again after being buried and spring from the earth like snakes, symbolizing immortality.

J. Evolutionary cycle symbol

The Ouroboros is a serpent that feeds on its own tail. As a result, it represents the evolutionary cycle. This image of a snake biting its own tail represents self-fertilization and continuance. Indeed, self-fertilization refers to ensuring the species' survival and, more importantly, an evolutionary cycle.

This snake is half white and half black in certain depictions, symbolizing the merging of two opposing concepts like as good and evil, heaven and earth, day and night, Yang and Yin, and all opposing qualities. It is both a symbol of evil and a symbol of good.

In fact, all of these snake tattoo meanings are generalizations, and the tattoos mentioned are all quite prevalent.

Everyone, on the other hand, can personalize their tattoo to their satisfaction and give it any meaning they like. This is also true for snake tattoos ; the owner is the only person who can truly explain the meaning of the tattoo on his body and why he got the design tattooed because the tattoo is a way for the owner to express what he is going through or desires.

However, the meanings revolve around those discussed in this article. Snake tattoos are some of the most stunning tattoos available.

Snake tattoos have a variety of meanings, but snakes are prevalent in the Bible and have been since the dawn of time. It's fascinating to consider where the snake appears in the Bible and what it means.

The snake is likewise a fatal animal, as are several others, and each has its own set of features that make it so dangerous. A topic about the world's most venomous snakes would make for a fascinating article.

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