Snake Symbolism And Meaning

The totem animal is the spirit animal that is closest to you. The main meaning of the snake's is related to life force and primal energy.

Many cultures revere this reptile and consider it a powerful totem representing the source of life. So if the snake totem appears in your life, it means that there may be opportunities for change on the horizon.

You must be ready to experience this moment of transition and increase your energy level. Discover in this article all the information you need to better understand your totem animal: Snake.

Symbolism of the snake

When the snake shows up as your totem animal, it means several things. It can be:

  • An opportunity for healing.
  • A transformation.
  • A major life change

The spirit of the snake is strongly connected to the life force and primal energy
listening to a spirit guide.

The significance of the snake as a totem animal

The snake symbolizes power. In some cultures, this reptile is considered the source of life itself. If yours is the snake, it means that there is going to be a great change in your life. Indeed, its ability to molt is a true source of rebirth and a new beginning.

As a totem animal, the snake can then provide you with all the clues possible about a transition, a healing, a call to listen. Whether physical, spiritual or emotional, the snake totem animal represents a clash between good and evil.

All people who hold the snake as their guide are impulsive and dynamic individuals. To avoid misfortune, all decisions must be carefully considered.

Like the snake, you are able to adapt to any situation that arises. You are also cunning by nature and very protective of your friends and family. Since the snake crawls and is close to the earth, it is close to its energy. As a reptile, its instincts are primal.

Snake totem animal: the healing symbol

As a reptile, this totem is therefore perfectly related to unconscious drives and primal instincts. When it appears to you, pay attention to the energies that flow through you.

If you consider the snake as a totem or power animal, then you are sensitive to your healing abilities towards others or yourself. In order not to lose this power, cultivate your sources of energy and support, especially in relation to nature and the earth.

Some ancient traditions consider snakes to be a symbol of healing power. In Greek mythology, for example, Asclepius, the god of medicine, is accompanied by two serpents that climb a rod. Today, this symbol is known as the caduceus. It is also found on the signs of pharmacies.

Snake totem animal: a guide to self-understanding

The snake totem animal can be your spiritual guide. It helps you to become aware of who you really are and to better understand yourself. That's why he wants you to tap into your most primal instincts. So listen to the natural vibrations in your environment to create your own choice and path.

As you well know, the snake uses its forked tongue to make decisions. This organ allows it to know the weather as well as the environment around it. You should also be able to act like one by looking around before making an important decision.

Furthermore, the presence of this totem in your life means that you are in a period of transition. You therefore have the means to promote your personal development. It can appear as a totem animal when you are about to venture into unfamiliar territory or when you need support to move forward.

Usually close to the ground, this animal can remind you to keep your feet on the ground and strengthen your foundation above all else as you go through moments of radical change.

How to interpret snake dreams?

When you dream of a snake, it may be a visit from a protective animal or totem. It invites you to look at important events or interpersonal dynamics that impact your life.

Certainly, these types of dreams can be frightening or disturbing, as they tap into a strong, often unconscious energy. Snakes often leave a strong impression on dreamers.

Even if the presence of this totem animal leaves a negative or positive imprint, its presence in the foreground of your dream should be seen as a kind of invitation to look at the changes in your life and to seize the opportunities for evolution and transformation.

In other words, you need to think carefully about the decisions you have made recently and the possibilities for change.

The different snake totems

In general, there are two categories of snakes that differ in the way they hunt. You will be closer to one of the two types of snake totem animals depending on your personality.

Constrictor type snakes

These are the powerful and very intimidating people who possess the constrictor snake. They normally rely on their instincts and stay perfectly focused on their goals no matter what the circumstance.

These individuals tend to want more and more, but they can also be gentle and protective of those around them.

Poisonous Snakes

People who possess this totem animal are those who have strong charisma. They are eloquent in front of the public and never attack a person without warning. Changes and transitions in life do not affect them.

The snake totem animal and tattoos

Very popular in the world of tattoos, the snake animates its wearer by giving him more confidence. This is the reason why it is so appreciated in tattoos. If you don't dare to take the plunge into tattooing, you can always try the ephemeral snake totems.

As for the real tattoos, these works of tattoo artists made with ephemeral ink to guarantee you a perfectly real tattoo, but which lasts only a few weeks.

You have a wide choice between Japanese style snakes, realistic and colored snake tattoos without forgetting the abstract and artistic snake tattoos. There is something for every taste and budget! Just make your choice.

How to get closer to the snake totem animal?

This powerful totem animal does indeed have many fascinating facets. Like every totem animal, this reptile is a guide that you should pay attention to. So, always stay focused on your environment and not on others. Be aware of anything that threatens you in order to eliminate it and lead a better life.

The snake totem motivates and pushes you to give your best. People who have this reptile as their totem animal use its strength to achieve their goals. As in the days of the Pharaohs, the snake was worn as an amulet near you.

Nowadays, you can wear it on you in many different ways. Women can wear earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a snake ring.

Men, on the other hand, can wear a pendant, signet ring or a special men's snake bracelet. These men's snake jewelry pieces are very trendy at the moment.

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