What Makes Snake Jewelry so Beautiful?

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History representing the affection for snake jewellery

We offer a fantastic selection of snake rings with diamond and gemstone embellishments at Snake Jewelry. If, like us, you're captivated by the history of jewelry, particularly the items selected and worn by history's most influential figures, the history of snake jewelry will pique your curiosity.

Many ancient and contemporary cultures have admired and worn snake jewelry. The snake sign has been connected with a variety of meanings throughout history.

Snake gods were worshipped by ancient civilisations such as the Maya and Aztecs. These gods were revered and worshipped in the past because they symbolized wisdom and protection.

The different snake rings in the catalogue

Many of our outstanding specimens of snake rings include two interwoven snakes, implying that they were meant as love and devotion emblems. Both men and women sported this look.

Snakes figured prominently in Greek and Roman mythology. They were despised because of their capacity to shed their skin, which was considered as a sign of rebirth and renewal.

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The ouroboros behind the success of this ring

This relationship to regeneration and fertility may be related to Victorian associations with snakes and everlasting love. Furthermore, the ouroboros, which is a circular image of a snake devouring its own tail, is a sign of eternity.

This is one of the reasons why snake rings remained fashionable far into the twentieth and twenty-first century. Snakes were popular throughout the Art period because they complemented the prevalent design patterns of flowing, fluid lines in jewelry.

Exotic patterns with vivid primary colors, enamel, paste, and jewels were also popular ; this flamboyant style went well with snakes and their brightly patterned scales.

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Queen Victoria at the time of Tutankhamen's tomb

Due to the uncovering of Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt, snake jewelry and other motifs linked with the ancient Egyptians - such as blue enamel and turquoise mixed with yellow gold jewelry, and scarabs - were all extremely fashionable during the Art Deco period.

After her future husband, Prince Albert, purchased her a snake ring for her engagement ring, Queen Victoria was the first to popularize it. There was a large demand for rings in the similar design as a result of this.

As the first public person most people saw on a daily basis, Queen Victoria's jewelry and fashion choices were frequently imitated: her reign coincided with the introduction of print and visual media like as photography, so every item she wore was both critiqued and copied in equal measure.

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Victorian snake rings from emerald

Because emerald was Queen Victoria's birthstone, Prince Albert picked a gold snake ring with an emerald in the design.

The Victorians were big on birthstones and used as many as they could in their jewelry. Pieces that communicate personal sentiments, such as the 'Remember me' and 'Darling' rings, are among the most popular rings and jewelry.

This kind of jewelry is known as "acrostic jewelry." The obsession with the significance and symbolism of each gemstone is still prevalent in the jewelry industry today. Queen Victoria is reported to have loved her snake ring so much that she was buried with it on her finger when she died in 1901.

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What makes snake rings unique?

Another reason for the popularity of snake rings in the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods is that the technique of creating jewelry evolved swiftly following the Industrial Revolution.

Instead of being carefully manufactured by hand, pieces were now made considerably more swiftly. This also resulted in a significant reduction in the price of jewelry, making it much more accessible to the general public.

Another thing that adds to the snake's attraction is its form. Snake cuffs and bracelets are popular because of its serpentine design, which enables the jewelry to loop and wrap around the wearer.

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Gold snake rings very easy to trace

Because many of the rings manufactured had a substantial quantity of gold, the origins of snake rings are unusually straightforward to trace compared to other antique jewelry. As a result, entire hallmarks, including date letters and the maker's mark, were often found on these pieces.

This is seldom the case with earlier objects since hallmarking was not as time-consuming as it is now. Fortunately, this means that most of our snake rings, unlike most Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco items, have a definite history.

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