What is the Meaning of a Snake Ring?

snake ring meaning

The snake is one of the most ancient and well-known mythical emblems. The term "snake" is derived from the Latin word "serpens." The snake is involved with some of humanity's oldest rituals and signifies both good and evil in its dual form.

Snakes are one of the most widely recognized symbols in human history. Snakes have a variety of metaphorical significance in various cultures. The snake is a sign of evil, death, the devil, and terrible, dark things for most people. In many cases, snakes are considered symbols of healing, medicine, and even power, in addition to death and evil.

The snake is also a symbol of fertility and creative vigour. Snakes are capable of shedding their skin. The shedding of the snake skin was seen as a symbol of renewal and rebirth in ancient Greece and Rome.

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Snake rings have symbolic implications

In snake rings, the picture of the coiled snake best mirrors the image of the circle. The circle has long been a significant emblem of ancient civilisation, representing perfection and wholeness. The sun, moon, and universe are likewise represented by the unending ring.

In different civilizations, snake rings have distinct meanings. Snake rings can be found in Christianity and Hinduism, as well as the Aztec, Norwegian, and Chinese civilisations' civilizations.

The snake is a symbol of knowledge in Greek mythology. To honor Asclepius, people wear snake rings. The Greek god Asclepius is the god of medicine. His staff is wrapped in a snake.

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The creation of the first snake ring

Eternity is the most popular of the many meanings of snake rings. Prince Albert created a snake ring for Queen Victoria in 1840. To symbolize eternal love, two snakes were wrapped around the fingers.

The Ouroboros is the ancient Egyptian emblem for a serpent that eats its own tail. It is shown on King Tutankhamen's tomb from the 14th century BC. The concept of eternity and eternal return, as well as the unity of the beginning and end of time, are all represented by the Ouroboros.

snake ring history

Snake Rings: A Brief History

Serpentine rings have been manufactured by all peoples who have mastered the technique of forging throughout the ages and civilisations. These rings were constructed of precious metals for a long time (gold and silver). As a result, they are only available to the wealthiest and most powerful individuals.

People began to wear and worship snake-shaped jewelry in many ancient civilisations. Snake gods are worshipped by the Maya and Aztecs, respectively. These gods were revered and respected in the past because they represented wisdom and protection.

The snake or serpent ring was particularly popular with ladies in the nineteenth century, who thought the style quite pleasing. Snake bracelets, brooches, and hatpins are frequently worn with snake rings. The snake ring is adorned with rubies, sapphires, and a variety of other valuable stones in addition to diamonds.

queen victoria statue

A ring made popular by Queen Victoria

Roman and Greek artifacts had a big influence on the Victorian era. The popularity of the snake ring peaked when Queen Victoria picked a gold snake ring with precious stones and diamonds as her engagement ring design.

Snakes were also a prominent topic in jewelry during the Art era, as they fit the prevalent design style of smooth lines in jewelry. Snake jewelry has a vibrant appearance thanks to the snake skin pattern and colorful scales.

tutankhamen egypt

From the tomb of Tutankhamen to the industrial machine

Due to the uncovering of Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt during the Art Deco era, snake jewelry and other ancient Egyptian-style jewelry became popular. For example, blue enamel, turquoise, and gold jewelry, as well as jewelry in the shape of insects like beetles.

Another explanation for the popularity of the snake ring during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as the Art Deco period, is that the process of creating jewelry altered during the industrial revolution. Handmade jewelry gave way to machine-made jewelry.

This meant that jewelry manufacture grew more efficient, and the cost of jewelry decreased significantly, making it simpler for the general population to accept jewelry that was less expensive.

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