What is the History of Snake Rings?

snake rings history

Snake rings mean more than you think

Of course, there are many different types of rings available today, but few have as much history as the snake ring.

People who are seeking for exotic and distinctive diamond snake ring usually have a good notion of what they want and have already settled on this particular design of ring.

Diamond snake ring, a luxury ring

Snake rings made of diamonds are more fashionable than ever before, and they are superbly designed pieces of jewelry. The gleaming diamonds that run the length of the snake's body create an exact replica of a snake in motion.

gold plated snake ring

Some people are captivated to the mythological archetypal style of snake rings, which signify time and eternity, most commonly when the head devours the tail. The Ouroboros is an old emblem depicting a snake devouring its own tail.

The Milky Way is considered to have inspired this sign, as ancient writings mention a light snake living in the heavens.

The circle, which is best depicted by this artwork, has always been an essential emblem of ancient civilisations, expressing perfection and wholeness. The Sun, Moon, and Universe are likewise represented by the ring with no beginning or end.

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The snake ring is present in several cultures

The snake ring is shown in many cultures, including Christianity, Hinduism, Aztec, Norse, and Chinese. Snake rings were worn in Greek mythology to honor the curing deity Asclepius, who was killed by Zeus because he feared Asclepius' healing powers would turn all men into immortals.

The snake ring was particularly popular in the nineteenth century among females who liked the style. Snake rings look great when paired with a snake bracelet, broach, or hatpin. Snake rings were studded with rubies, sapphires, and a variety of other valuable stones in addition to diamonds.

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Queen Victoria at the origin of the gold snake ring

The artifacts gathered in Roman and Greek antiquity inspired the Victorians greatly. They duplicated a variety of hues and were enthralled by the subtle differences between them. When Queen Victoria picked the theme of a sinuous snake in gold, which was said to bring good luck, the ring's popularity skyrocketed.

Diamond snake rings are rarely purchased as wedding or engagement rings unless the groom-to-be is certain that his future wife would agree. Diamond snake rings aren't for everyone, and if the woman was expecting a more traditional form, a surprise proposal would backfire.

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An emblematic symbol of good luck and good health

The Snake Ring is most commonly presented as a symbol of good luck, good health, and as a gift of love to a partner, where the ring serves as a protective charm and symbolizes the couple's union and their eternal and unending love for each other.

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