Snake Jewelry: What do they Mean?

snake jewelry meaning

Explanations on the origin of the snake jewelry

The snake being one of the most popular motifs

The snake has been a popular pattern in jewelry over the ages, whether it's a simple item or a luxury piece.

Look at Egyptian and Chinese mythology to see how snakes are one of the earliest and most common mythological motifs. Perhaps this is why snakes are so popular in jewelry, their rope-like bodies captivating and ideal for a snake necklace, delicate bracelet, or ring.

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The different symbols that the snake represents

The snake's symbolism dates back thousands of years, and different civilisations have interpreted it to mean a variety of things, including good, evil, rebirth, poison, fertility, and death. While the snake has always had a negative connotation, there is evidence that it has positive cultural associations as well.

The snake was utilized by the ancient Egyptians to symbolise nobility and even deity. The creature represents desire and sexual passion in Hinduism.

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The snake jewelry, a comparison to eternal love

The Romans used the symbol to represent everlasting love. The snake was thought to have a close contact with the gods and to be able to extend a person's life in ancient Chinese mythology. The creature was seen as a symbol of fertility and good fortune.

After Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with a ring featuring an emerald-headed snake, snake jewelry became popular throughout the Victorian era. The snake, according to the Queen, is a symbol of eternal love.

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The snake theme being very popular and representative

The snake was a popular theme on brooches 18k gold, pendants, gold or silver rings, bracelets stainless steel, and other ornamental accessories during its heyday in the 1840s because it symbolizes eternity and knowledge at this period.

Whatever the snake's symbolism, we can't dispute that it looks very gorgeous when used as a jewelry theme.

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