Sigurd Snake In The Eye

Sigurd Snake In The Eye

What is Sigurd Snake In The Eye's true story? How did he pass away? Is he Ragnar's real son? What's the story behind Snake Eye's moniker? In our Sigurd Ragnarsson file, you'll find all the answers to your questions.

Between myth and history, Michael Hirst's Vikings trilogy has introduced various major Viking figures that have terrorized and plunder several regions. Today, we'll learn about Sigurd, also known as Sigurd Ragnarsson (which means "son of Ragnar"), Sigurd Lothbrok, and Sigurd Snake In The Eye.

Who was really Sigurd Snake In The Eye?

Was Sigurd Snake In The Eye a great leader?

Absolutely! Sigurd Snake In The Eye ("Sigurr ormr auga" in Old Norse) was a real person who was the son of Ragnar Lodbrók and Thora Borgarthiort, the daughter of Heroth, the King of Gothia. According to several sources of the time, Thora was also known as Aslaug.

Sigurd Snake In The Eye

Where does her nickname come from: eye of a snake?

According to tradition, Sigurd is born with a physical sign that distinguishes him from other people. An ouroboros is sketched around the pupil of his left eye. In a nutshell, it's a snake chewing its own tail.

Sigurd Snake In The Eye hides this peculiarity from his mother. Aslaug is the daughter of Brynhildr, a Valkyrie warrior, and Sigurd, the hero who defeated Fenrir the dragon. Aslaug tries to prove to Ragnar that she is actually his daughter at the start of their relationship.

She accomplishes this by promising the legendary Viking that one of their children will be born with a serpent in his eye. The prophecy comes true when their son Sigurd is born, named after his grandfather.

According to many books and beliefs, this snake has multiple meanings. For some, it represents Fenrir, Aslaug's father's slaughtered snake. Others see it as Jörmungand, the huge serpent who bites its tail at the bottom of Midgard's ocean. In Nordic beliefs, the ouroboros is a symbol of renewal.


Scientists, on the other hand, hold a very different viewpoint. Sigurd may have been afflicted by a congenital mutation of the PAX6 gene, according to some of them. This mutation causes an iris deformity, which could have resulted in an eye sign.

Sigurd, a Viking warrior at Ragnar's side

Sigurd Snake In The Eye is a Viking warrior and explorer first and foremost. He joined his father, Ragnar, on multiple excursions, including one to Russia. Sigurd Snake In The Eye, together with his brothers, was a brilliant strategist who oversaw the Viking kingdom's expansion.

The twins also accompanied the Great Army on two excursions to England. Their mission was to revenge their father's death by assassinating King Aelle.

Ragnar and Sigurd: did they get along?

Sigurd was close to his father, according to ancient records. He accompanied him on expeditions, particularly to Russia at Hellespont. Following Ragnar's death, his sons joined the Great Army in England to assassinate King Aelle.

snake in the eye snake ring

The first mission, however, was a failure. After that, Ivar devised a plan for the second mission. King Aelle and his troops were pushed into Viking territory by the Great Army, which took York.

Following Ivar the Boneless' strategy, the Grand Army pretended to retreat, giving King Aelle and his army wings to fly into a trap that would cost them their lives. Ragnar's sons are supposed to have kidnapped King Aelle and subjected him to the Blood Eagle's torment, according to the Saga Ragnarssona áttr.

In summary, thus far, the series has been pretty accurate to the story, with the exception of the first trip, which is not portrayed on screen.

The death of Sigurd: was he killed by Ivar?

The Vikings writers' decisions here were terribly disappointing to me. Ivar did not murder his brother, to be clear. Sigurd had a destiny that should have been depicted on film rather than executing him "on the spot."

Sigurd married one of his prisoners, his slave, after capturing the two kingdoms in England, according to certain texts. Who do you think it is?! Aelle of Northumbria's daughter Blaeja (also called Heluna or Eluna according to the texts).


She is Judith's sister in the series, and she is married to prince Aethelwulf. Wouldn't it have been more intriguing if these details had been incorporated into the series?

They had four children together, according to the Ragnarssona áttr: Harthacanute and Aslaug Sigurdsdatter, in allusion to his mother, Thora Sigurdsdatter and Helgi Sigurdsdatter. Helgi, don't you think of Helga (from the series) when you hear that?

Sigurd will rule over Seeland (the Danish island where Copenhagen is located), Scania, and Halland (southern provinces of Sweden). He was also the King of Viken (a Norwegian area), but he will lose authority.

Another source and story: Sigurd had a son, Eric, who inherited his father's thrones after he died, according to Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum. Only, Eric the son of Harald (Harald, as we see him in the series) tries to usurp the thrones of Eric the son of Sigurd Ragnarsson on several occasions.

Guthorm son of Harald Klak, King of the Danes, will finally murder Eric son of Harald: "Guthormus destroys the usurper "Ericus son of Haraldus"" always in the same book. The daughter of Guthorm will marry Eric, the son of Sigurd Snake In The Eye, according to the Gesta Danorum.

How did Sigurd Ragnarsson die?

Sigurd's death is not mentioned in any of the Sagas around Ragnar. Sigurd may have died of old age when he was around 65 years old. Sigurd's son taking over the throne after his father's death is a good indicator of Sigurd's death date.

Sigurd is also the ancestor of the kings of Norway and Sweden, as well as a significant portion of the kings of France. Isn't it incredible?

The descent of Sigurd Snake In The Eye

Sigurd Snake In The Eye married Blaeja, one of his prisoners and the daughter of Aelle of Northumbria. Hartgacanute and Aslaug, named after his grandmother, are their two children.

When Sigurd died, his son ascended to the throne and reigned until the 900s. His daughter married a royal descendent and had Sigurd the Stag, who went on to become King of Norway.

sigurd king of norway

The Danes' Gesture, on the other hand, presents a very different narrative. Sigurd has a son named Eric, who inherits the throne after he dies, according to the text. Except that the successor must contend with a namesake and usurper at the time: Harald's son, Eric.

Guthorm, Harald Klak's son, kills the latter, leaving the throne to Sigurd's son. Knut is the son of King Eric and his bride, Guthorm's daughter.

Who is Sigurd Snake In The Eye in the Vikings series?

David Lindström

Sigurd Snake In The Eye, played by David Lindström, makes an appearance in the second season of the television series Vikings. After the conquest of Wessex in season 4, the directors had his character die during a banquet.

That evening, Sigurd and his brother, Ivar, have a heated argument. The latter, who could not be more enraged, slashes his abdomen with an axe. Sigurd collapses to the ground, dead, in just a few steps.

Michael Hirst, the director, admits in an interview that he killed the Viking so young for the sake of the character of Ivar the Boneless, a terrible warrior.