Do Snakes Have Ears?

Snakes don't have eardrums or ears as people do. In reality, many scientists believed that snakes were deaf due to their lack of external ears and their propensity to not react to sound.

This viewpoint was prevalent for a long time, but in the last 50 years or more, researchers have started to look more closely at snakes.

Snakes don't hear noises the same way that people do since they don't have external ears or eardrums.

To claim they are deaf, though, is not quite accurate. There are currently two or three methods that snakes can "hear" or perceive sounds, according to scientists.

Can the snake hear?

For instance, sound waves that travel through the air are produced when enormous creatures move. Additionally, the ground vibrates as a result of their movements.

Researchers have discovered that the snakes' skin and muscles can pick up on these ground vibrations and transmit them to the brain, where they can set off a reaction that causes the snake to freeze as a protective measure.

What about those airborne sound waves, though? Despite without having ears, can snakes hear? Currently, scientists think they can!

The inner ear of humans contains small bones that are crucial to hearing. Similar structures that attach to their jaw bones can be found on the sides of snakes' skulls.

How do they hear?

According to scientific research, skin and muscle tissue transmit airborne sound waves to the square bone, a microscopic bone that oscillates in response to vibrations.

The columella then transmits this movement to the cochlea, which converts it into electrical signals and sends them to the brain.

Despite this, it is thought that they are more adept at "hearing" ground vibrations than external sounds. Because of the smaller middle ear and absence of an outer ear, their ability to hear sounds in the air is lessened.

Obviously, compared to human hearing and the hearing of other animals with ears, snakes have a totally different hearing system. Snakes most likely only have a small range of low-pitched hearing.

Therefore, unlike other animals, snakes probably do not rely on hearing as much. For hunting and defense, snakes probably rely mostly on their other senses.