What Is The Biggest Snake In The World?

largest snake in the world

According to official statistics, the record for the largest snake ever kept in captivity belonged to an anaconda that was discovered in Venezuela in the 1960s and was 8.3 m long and weighed 235 kg.

However, an Anaconda approximately 10 m long and 1 m in diameter was found in a building site in Brazil in 2016. With a weight of 400 kg, this snake is the largest snake ever recorded.

It is enormous, but sadly, when it was found, it had already passed away. But this tale is untrue and was created just to get internet fame.

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The anaconda that was found in the 1960s, weighing 235 kg for its 8.3 m length and still being the longest snake ever recorded, continues to hold the official record.

Why are Anacondas so big?

Anacondas are semi-aquatic animals that inhabit swamps, according to additional information. Although they do reside on land, these snakes enjoy swimming and enjoy spending time in the water.

green anaconda

They are fierce predators, as demonstrated by a video on the internet showing a fierce battle between a large anaconda and an adult crocodile.

It can actually devour an adult crocodile. They immediately devour their prey without chewing it first. The size of the prey affects how quickly it digests.

It's also vital to note that these specimens don't come from a species of venomous snake. However, when threatened, some snake species become extremely violent.

Is there an even bigger snake?

But wouldn't a larger snake than the one seen in the 1960s have been discovered at some point? A census should be conducted to update this data because the species is always changing

Also unquestionably striking is the magnitude of these snakes that we witnessed, but what about their lengths? Shouldn't we also create a thorough classification of the world's longest snakes

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Snakes must be categorised according to how hazardous they are, and when we refer to dangerous snakes, we mean those that are the most venomous. How about that?

According to official records, it is said that an Anaconda weighing 235 kg and 8.3 m long discovered in the 1960s in Venezuela held the record for the largest snake in the world held in captivity.

What about this snake in Brazil?

But in 2016, in Brazil, an Anaconda measuring 10 m long and with a diameter of 1 m was discovered in a construction site. This snake holds the record of the largest snake in the world with its 400 kg

It is gigantic but unfortunately, it died when it was discovered according to the news. But this story is only false information to become famous on the internet.

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However, the official record remains the one discovered in the 1960s: an Anaconda of 235 kg for its 8.3 m length and it is still the largest snake that has been discovered.

For more information, anacondas live in swamps, they are semi-aquatic. Indeed, on land they live, however, they like to spend time in the water and these snakes are very good swimmers.

anaconda on tree

Why is this Anaconda so dangerous?

They are formidable predators as we could see a formidable fight between a big anaconda and an adult crocodile in a video on the internet.

Indeed, it can swallow even an adult crocodile. They do not chew their prey, they swallow them directly. The digestion time of the prey depends on their size.

big anaconda

It is also important to mention that these specimens do not belong to the venomous snake species. Nevertheless, these snake species are very aggressive when they feel threatened.

In a few sentences, we can notice that the biggest snakes in the world are all anacondas and pythons, except for the Boa constrictor, which belongs to the giants despite its structure. They are not all dangerous as is often said, on the contrary, some of them are real pets for some people.